Cover image of Archaeological Center, Auction #56, Ancient Coins & Antiquities (#56)

Auction #56: Ancient Coins & Antiquities was held on April 17th, 2014 at the Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv. You can view or right-click to download a 2-page PDF of the realized prices and a low-res or high-res PDF file of the catalog.

Previously, the most recent auction, #55, was held at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel on September 24th, 2013. You can download the catalog as a PDF file (4mb) and request a higher-resolution version from Robert.

Auction #54 was held at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel on Wednesday, March 27th, 2012. You can download the 90-page catalog with images in low-res (2mb) or high-res (46mb) and a 2-page PDF file of the realized prices.

Among recent auctions, #53, #52, #51, #50, #49, #48 and #47 also featured ancient coins and antiquties, #46 featured the Gershon Bineth Collection of Ancient Glass, #45, #44, #43, #42 and #41 featured ancient coins and weights; and #40 featured the Arnold Spaer Collection of Hellenistic and Roman lead weights, Byzantine and Crusader lead bullae, and antiquities. Auction #39 featured old maps and prints depicting Jerusalem and the Holy Land while #38 featured coins, weights, seals and seal impressions, jewellery, a samaritian inscription, oil lamps, glass, antiquities and last minute antiquities consignments.

You can also view realized prices from less recent auctions, including, Auction #37, Ancient Coins and Antiquities, auction #36 and others.

In fact, every item from every auction going back from #49 to #27 in April 2002 can still be searched and viewed here on the web site.


Archaeological Center manager Robert Deutsch writes articles on ancient seals and inscriptions.

His latest contribution is A Note on a Medallion of Antoninus Pius from Neapolis: The Largest Medallion Minted in Palestine’ published in the Israel Numismatic Journal, 2010.


View the newest — and of course the oldest — additions to the sales inventory.


$490 each (from group or similar)

Terracotta oil lamps

Terracotta oil lamps
$190 for a similar item

Islamic terracotta oil lamps

Islamic terracotta oil lamps
$150 for a similar item


Teshurot LaAvishur: Studies in the Bible and the Ancient Near East in Hebrew and Semitic Languages

The Archaeological Center is also a publishing house. We’re pleased to announce Archaeological Center Publications’ newest release: Teshurot LaAvishur.