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Herodian Medium Bronze Coin (4 Prutot)

($300 est.) $280 realized
Auction 34 / Lot #68:
Large Herodian Bronze Coin (8 Prutot)

Obverse: Helmet with cheek pieces surmounted by a star and flanked by two palm branches. Reverse: Tripod with lebes on base; around, Greek inscription: BAΣIΛEΩΣ HPΩΛOY “of King Herod”; to left, date: LI, to right monogram: PT. AJC 1. TJC 44.

Period: Herod the Great, 40-4 BC
Dimensions: 5.53g. Axis 12
Condition: Very fine; attractive green patina

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($300 estimated, $280 realized)

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