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Auction 34 / Lot #102:
Herod Philip, Small Bronze Coin

Obverse: Bust of Tiberius r., laureate Greek inscription: (if complete): TIB KAIΣAPI ΣEBAΣ “Tiberius Caesar Augustus”; round countermark depicting the letter Φ. Reverse: Facade of tetrastyle temple on platform (The Augusteum in Panias); around, Greek inscription: ΦIΛIΠΠOY TETPAPXOY “of Philip the Tetrarch”; between columns, date: LIΘ (year 19 = 15/16 AD). AJC 7c. TJC 101a.

Period: Herod Philip, 4 BC-34 AD
Dimensions: 3.20g. Axis 12
Condition: Very fine; attractive black patina

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($350 estimated, $300 realized)

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