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Herod Agrippa II, Bronze Coin
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Herod Agrippa II, Bronze Coin

$200 est.
Auction 34 / Lot #125:
Herod Agrippa II, Bronze Coin

Obverse: Bust of Domitian to r., laureate. Greek inscription: [ΔOMITI]A KAICAP “[Domiti]an Caesar”. Reverse: Nike standing l., writing on shield which rests on her knee. Greek inscription across field: [L]IΔ BAC[I/A]ΓP/IΠ[O] (year 14 = 74-75 AD) “of King Agrippa”. AJC 11b, TJC 139b.

Period: Herod Agrippa II, 49-100 AD
Dimensions: 7.18g. Axis 12
Condition: About very fine

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