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Herod Agrippa II, Bronze Coin
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Herod Agrippa II, Bronze Coin

$250 est.
Auction 34 / Lot #142:
Herod Agrippa II, Bronze Coin

Obverse: Bust of Titus to r., laureate (off center). Greek inscription: [AYTOKP TITO]C KAICAP [CEBAC] “[Emperor Titu]s Caesar [Augustus]”. Reverse: Nike standing to r., holding wreath and palm branch over shoulder (crude style). Greek inscription across field: [ETO] / Ks BA / AΓPI/ΠΠA “of King Agrippa” (year 26 = 86-87 AD). Variant of AJC 32 and of TJC 160.

Period: Herod Agrippa II, 49-100 AD
Dimensions: 10.79g. Axis 12
Condition: Good fine; cleaned; rare

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