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Shimon Bar Kokhba, Medium Bronze
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Shimon Bar Kokhba, Irregular Medium Bronze

($200 est.) $160 realized
Auction 34 / Lot #252:
Shimon Bar Kokhba, Irregular Medium Bronze

Obverse: Vine leaf Traces of crude. Paleo-Hebrew inscription. Reverse: Palm tree with seven branches and two clusters of dates. Paleo-Hebrew inscription in crude style: [sm’]wn [nsy’ y] sr’l “[Shim]on [Prince of I]srael”. TJC 222d. Mildenberg 162.

Period: Shimon Bar Kokhba War, 132-135 AD: Year 1 (132-133 AD)
Dimensions: 7.05g. Axis 06
Condition: Fine; with black patina

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($200 estimated, $160 realized)

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