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($350 est.) $325 realized
Auction 36 / Lot #10:
Antiochus I

Tetradrachm, Silver. Obverse: Diademed head of Antiochus to r. Reverse: Naked Apollo seated l. on omphalos, holding arrow and bow. Greek inscription: Two monograms. Spaer 290.

Dimensions: 17.2g. 28.5mm. Axis 12
Condition: About very fine

Queries and responses for lot #36-010
($350 estimated, $325 realized)

  1. A moving coulmn Daniel. The best, be it romanticized, book written about the Maccabean uprising is My Glorious Brothers, by the communist (sic!) Howard Fast in 1948 with as an essential conclusion the chapter the report to the senate by a roman legate Luntulus Silanus perfectly describes all essence in the divide in Judaic vs Gentile cultural philosophy.  Hannukah sameach.p.s. btw only Modi’in-Elite is considered across the “green line"Modi’in-Maccabim is not.

    Julia, Sat 24 Oct 2015, 08:21 AM

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