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($850 est.) $1000 realized
Auction 39 / Lot #224:
Panorama of Jerusalem and the Crucifixion of Christ

Piglhein, Bruno.

Period: 1859 (?)
Dimensions: 3700x300mm
Condition: Light stains on the back; very impressive panorama

Queries and responses for lot #39-224
($850 estimated, $1000 realized)

  1. Hello-I am very interested in items pertaining to the biblical panoramas of the 1800s .I have only collected postcards and brochures ...never able to afford an etching such as this .Would be interested if someone with the same enthusiasim would share a scan ,color xerox or digital file of this famous etching ..maybe from the winner or the auction file of this item   many thanks Mark

    Mark Pedro, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 05:33 PM

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