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Tyre, 47/6 BC
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Philistia, (Ascalon, Ashdod or Gaza), 4th century BC

($200 est.) $160 realized
Auction 40 / Lot #11:
Tyre, 10/11 AD

Silver Shekel. Obverse: Head of Melqarth/Heracles to r. Reverse: Eagle standing on beak of ship to l., carrying palm branch. Greek inscription (if complete): “Tyre the Holy and City of Asylum”. At back, monograms, in field, club, (the emblem of Tyre), and date: ??? (136=10 AD). Between legs, Phoenician letter b. Seaby 5918 (variant).

Dimensions: 13.29g, diam.: 25mm, axis: 01
Condition: Good fine

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($200 estimated, $160 realized)

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