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Tyre, 10/11 AD
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Yehud, Obol, Silver

$2500 est.
Auction 40 / Lot #12:
Philistia, (Ascalon, Ashdod or Gaza), 4th century BC

Silver Drachm. Obverse: Oriental male head to r., in guilloche border. Reverse: Oriental male head to r., in incuse square. Very Rare. The coin was found in the fields of Kibbutz Sha’alabim, about 3 km. north-west of Emmaus. Published by Prof. Hanan Eshel, 1993, pp. 7-8 and Pl. 6:1. Gittler and Tal, p. 222, type 7D.

Dimensions: 3.42g, diam.: 14.8mm, axis: 12
Condition: Very fine

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