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A Cosmetic Glass Double Unguentaria
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($400-500 est.) $350 realized
Auction 47 / Lot #199:
A Cosmetic Glass Double Unguentaria

Period: Roman Period, ca. 4th century AD
Dimensions: Height: 13.0cm
Condition: Very good; with an ancient crack

Queries and responses for lot #47-199
($400-500 estimated, $350 realized)

  1. hallo,
    How I can bidding for these item? I want bidding US300 dollar.
    It’s not possible for using your site.
    Marc descheemaeker

    marc descheemaeker, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 02:12 AM
  2. Hi Mark

    This is an auction long ago sold out
    The next auction will take place on the 9th of April
    Catalog will be posted on this site as Auction 52
    If you like to be added to my mailing list and get news about forthcoming auctions please let me have your e-mail address

    Dr. Robert Deutsch, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 10:42 AM

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