Auctions / Terms & Conditions

All items are sold as displayed before the sale. Neither Archaeological Center Ltd. nor the seller are responsible for any faults, imperfections or errors in descriptions.

The Archaeological Center guarantees the authenticity of the item(s).

In case of doubts, the buyer must submit a written statement that the object is not what was represented. If so proved, by an academic professional, the purchase price will be refunded if the object is returned in the exact condition it was sold. Claims made 45 days after the sale will not be considered as the seller was paid.

The auctioneer is the sole person authorized to decide on the successful bidder, to cancel the sale of any item, or to offer it at a new auction or to withdraw items from the sale.

All prices are quoted in US Dollars and the payment will also be in Israeli New Shekels at the exchange rate announced by the auctioneer at the beginning of the sale.

A premium of 18% and VAT on the premium will be added to the "hammer price".

Archaeological Center Ltd. will represent absentee bidders who have sent or phoned in their bids prior to the sale.

The purchase must be paid for and collected not later than four days after the auction.

In case of dispute, the matter will be referred to the Tel Aviv Court or to any arbitrator accepted by both parties.

The sale will be governed by the rules of the Israel Antiquity Authority of trade in antiquities. For items to be exported, an export permit issued by the Israel Antiguity Authority is required. The auctioneer will specify at the beginning of the auction which items cannot be exported.

The auctioneer will specify at the beginning of the auction any items that cannot be exported.

If necessary, Archaeological Center Ltd. will provide all the required services for the export of an item:

* obtaining the export permit from the Antiguities Authority
* arranging packing, insurance, transport (this will be paid for by the buyer)
* providing the relevant certificates of authenticity

The catalogue price is US$15 but is distributed free of charge to participants in the auction.

The price of each item is an estimate based on the value of similar items in authorized antiquities shops and auctions in Israel. Bidding starts at 20% under the high estimate.