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$58.50 Publications / Studies in Biblical Narrative: Style, Structure, and Ancient Near Eastern Literary Background by Yizhak Avishur
Studies in Biblical Narrative: Style, Structure, and Ancient Near Eastern Literary Background

Pulished with the support of the Research Committee of Haifa University and the Faculty of Humanities of Haifa University.

Pages: 369
Year: 1999
Language(s): English
ISBN: 965-90240-0-2

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Literary Structure and the Canaanite-Babylonian Background of Pentateuchal Narratives
  • The Literary Structure
  • Parallels Between the Pentateuchal Narratives and Ancient Near Eastern Literature

Part 1: Stories from Genesis and Exodus

  • Chapter 1: Noah’s Drunkenness and the Behavior of His Sons (Genesis 9: 18-29)
    • The Literary Structure
    • The Canaanite Setting
    • Commentary
  • Chapter 2: The Narrative of Abraham the Host (Genesis 18: 1-16a)
    • The Literary Structure
    • The Ugaritic Parallel
  • Chapter 3: The Sacrifice of Isaac (Genesis 22) – The Structure of the Narrative, its Link to Genesis 12 and its Canaanite Background
    • The Narrative Structure
    • Abraham’s Departure from Haran and the sacrifice of Isaac
    • The Canaanite Background of the Sacrifice of Isaac
  • Chapter 4: The Wooing of Rebekah (Genesis 24) – The Structure of the Narrative and the Ugaritic Parallel
    • The Literary Structure
    • The Scene of Meeting at the Well and its Parallels
    • The Protagonists in the Story
    • The Canaanite Background
    • Babylonian Parallels to the Story
  • Chapter 5: The Demonic Nature of the Tale of the Bloody Husband (Exodus 4: 24-26) – A Fresh Look in Light of the Midrash and of Beliefs in the Ancient Near East
    • The Midrashim on the Story of the Bloody Husband: The Beginning of Demonic Interpretation
    • Depictions of Two Incantation Inscriptions from Arslan-Tash
    • Babylonian Incantation for Desert Travellers
    • The Literary Form and Style of the Story
  • Chapter 6: The Moses-Jethro Story (Exodus 18: 1-12) – The Literary Structure and Terminology in Light of the Ancient Near East Literature
    • The Formula for Good Relationships and the Structure of the Story
    • The Moses-Jethro Story and the Treaty Relationships between Solomon and Hiram of Tyre
    • More Treaty-Terms in the Story
  • Chapter 7: The Structure of the Narrative of the Revelation at Sinai (Exodus 19-24)
    • The Chiastic Structure of the Narrative
    • The Traditions of the Revelation at Sinai in Light of the Structure of the Narrative
    • The Verses which do not Belong to the Chiastic Structure

Part 2: Common Literary Formulae and Patterns of Biblical Narrative and Ancient Near Eastern Literature

  • Chapter 8: Ten Epic Literary Formulae Common to the Ugaritic Epics and the Genesis Narratives
    • (Hebrew)
    • (Hebrew)
    • (Hebrew)
    • (Hebrew)
    • A Formula to Describe Mourning and Lament
    • Formulae of Prostration
    • A Formula Announcing the Birth of an Important Personage
    • A Formula of a Threat Against an Old Man: To Bring Down the Gray Hairs in Blood (to Sheol)
    • The Vow Formula: Jacob’s Vow and Keret’s Vow
    • A Formula of the Payment of Jacob’s Vow at Bethel (Gen. 32: 1-7) and Similar Formulae in Aramaic and Phoenician
  • Chapter 9: Literary Formula for Narration of Journeys in the Bible and in Ugaritic Literature
  • Chapter 10: A Common Literary Formula to Describe the Canaanite Daniel and the Israelite Deborah as Judges
  • Chapter 11: A Blessing Formula for Long Life (Genesis 15: 15-16) and its Parallels in Aramaic and Akkadian Literature
  • Chapter 12: Literary Patterns in the Biblical Stories of the Conquest and their Background in the Canaanite and Akkadian Literature
    • The Literary Model of the Description of the Conquest of Seven Cities (or Peoples or Countries)
    • The Literary Model of Description of the Conquest of a City on the Seventh Day
  • Supplement: The Genesis Narratives in Light of Modern Literary TheoryBibliography and Indexes
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Bibliography
  • Indexes
  • Index of Modern Authors
  • Index of Sources
  • Index of Literaty Devices
  • Index of Names (Gods and Places)
  • Index of Words, Pairs, Expressions and Formulae
  • List of Publications Included in the Present Book