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$90 Publications / Teshurot LaAvishur: Studies in the Bible and the Ancient Near East in Hebrew and Semitic Languages by Michael Heltzer and Meir Malul (Editors)
Teshurot LaAvishur: Studies in the Bible and the Ancient Near East in Hebrew and Semitic Languages

A festschrift presented to Professor Yitzhak Avishur on the occasion of his 65th birthday, this volume contains 23 articles in Hebrew and 20 in English, many of them illustrated.

Year: 2004
Language(s): English and Hebrew
ISBN: 965-7162-12-2

Table of Contents

  • Meir Malul: Professor Yitzhak Avishur – The Man and His Achievements

Non-Hebrew section

  • Chaim Cohen: Ugaritic Lexicography and Comparative Semitic Philology (1)
  • Robert Deutsch: Two Personal Hebrew Seals
  • Manfried Dietrich & Oswald Lpretz: “Singen” und “sich frauen” im Ugaritischen und Hebraischen. Zum Parallelismus ‘ny | Hdy und seinem Reflex in der Lexikographie
  • Aharon Dolgopolsky: Hebrew Etymology in Comparativistic Perspective
  • Moshe Garsiel: The Water Retrieval Mission of David’s Three Warriors and its Relationship to the Battle of the Valley of Refaim
  • Yaacov Gruntfest: “AT” with “Nominative” in Terms of Fillmore’s Theory of Cases
  • Michael Heltzer: On Premonarchical Political Units in the Southern Levant in the 12th(?)-11th Century BCE
  • Heda Jason: King David: A Folklore Analysis of His Biography
  • Zecharia Kallai: Political Doctrines and Ideology in Biblical Historiography. A Programmatic Review
  • Andre Lemaire: Inscription royals Phenicienne sur bateau Motif
  • Edward Lipinski: Silver ls Owed to Haddiy
  • Hans-Peter Muller: Beobachtungen zur Gottin Tinnit und der Function iher Verehrung
  • Bustenay Oded: Exile-Homeland Relations During the Exilic Period and Restoration
  • Bezalel Porten & Ada Yardeni: On Problems of Identity and Chronology in the Idumean Ostraca
  • Hayim Tawil: Hebrew “YSR”’, Akkadian “esuru”: A Tern of Forced Labor
  • Nicolas Wyatt: Androgyny as a Theological Strategy in West Semitic Thought: Some Preliminary Reflections
  • Ran Zadok: West Semites in Southern Babylonia According to Administrative and Epistolary Documents from the 9th-2nd Centuries BCE
  • Adam Zertal: Taanath Shiloh (Joshua 16:6)

Hebrew section

  • Meir Malul: Professor Yitzhak Avishur: The Man and His Achievements
  • Bibliography of Professor Yizhak Avishur
  • Nahum Avrahnm: Toward the Social Status of Elisha and the Disciples of the Prophets
  • Uzzi 0rnan: Waw Connective – a Consonant Forever
  • Moshe Azar: Language Contradicting Intention: An Example of a Pragmatic Interpretation of a Contract
  • Michal Ephratt: The Roots of Mankind and Hebrew Roots
  • Shoshana Arbeli-Raveh: Michal, the Daughter of Saul
  • Pinhas Artzi: Two Principal Terms of International Relations in the Ancient Near East of the Mid-second Millennium
  • Joshua Blau: Classical Arabic as Obstacle to the Reconstruction of Ancient Hebrew and the “Syndrome of Inferences Bereft of Their Premises”
  • Zafrira Ben-Barak: Insights into the Episode of Jacob’s Nuptials with Leah and Rachel from the Domain of Mesopotamian Customs
  • Ibrahim Bassal: Hebrew and Aramaic Words in Christian Arabic Bible Translations
  • Moshe Bar-Asher: R. Shimon ben Zemah (RASHBATZ)‘s Commentary to the Hosha’anot
  • Idan Breier: The Dog as an Image in the El-Amarna Letters
  • Gershon Galil: The Message of the Book of Kings and the Deuteronomistic History
  • Victor A. Hurowitz: Babylon in Bethel – New Light on Jacob’s Dream
  • Joseph Tobi: The Bible as Seen by the Medieval Jewish Theorists of Poetry
  • Shamir Yona: Stylistic and Syntactic Variants in Repeated Texts in the Bible
  • Meir Malul: Some Aspects of Biblical Hospitality and Their Significance
  • Avralmm Malamat: The King’s Table and Food Supply to Messengers in the City of Tutml and in the Bible
  • Moshe Anbar: “And So He Did for A11 His Foreign Wives They Censing and Sacrificing to Their Gods (1K 11: 8)
  • Yona Sabar: A Comparative Study Between the Hebrew Elements in the Judeo-Arabic Dialects of Iraq and Its Jewish Neo-Ammaic Dialects
  • Elisha Kimron: N’um and the History of the qul Pattern
  • Jacob Klein: “Hadrat Qodes” According to the Biblical Literal Sense
  • Amnon Shiloah: Musical Terminology in Medieval Jewish Literature
  • Joseph Chetrit: The Myth of Woman in the Poetry of Moroccan Jews: Two Rabbinical Dispute Poems Between Man and Woman