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Biblical Period Personal Seals in the Shlomo Moussaieff Collection
Phoenician Inscriptions and the Bible

$48 Publications / Epigraphic News by Robert Deutsch and Michael Helzter with a contribution by Gabriel Barkay
Epigraphic News

Format: 24.5x17.5cm, hardcover
Pages: 96
Illustrations: 94 photos (2 in color), 44 drawings
Year: 2000
Language(s): English
ISBN: 965-9024-04-5

Table of Contents

  • a Phoenician arrowhead
  • an inscribed Phoenician krater
  • 3 ostraca
  • 19 Hebrew seals
  • a royal amonite seal belonging to Ba’alis King of the Amonites
  • 12 Hebrew bullae
  • an Aramaic bulla of Zeresh
  • a storage jar “handle” with two Hebrew personal seal impressions