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Studies in Biblical Narrative: Style, Structure, and Ancient Near Eastern Literary Background

$80 Publications / Michael: Historical, Epigraphical and Biblical Studies in Honor of Prof. Michael Heltzer by Yitzhak Avishur & Robert Deutsch
Michael: Historical, Epigraphical and Biblical Studies in Honor of Prof. Michael Heltzer

38 articles by: S. Ahituv, M.J. Amadasi-Guzzo, A. Archi, P. Artzi, F. Bron, H.G. Buchholz, M. Dandamayev, G. del Olmo Lete, R. Deutsch, M. Dietrich and O. Loretz, P.I. Dion, A. Dolgopolsky, J. Frendo, Y. Gruntfest, R. Haase, H. Klengel, A Lemaire, E. Lipinski, M. Malul, A. Millard, H.P. Muller, G.A. Rendsburg, C. Zaccagnini, R. Zadok, Y. Avishur, S. Arbeli, O. Bustenai, T. Ben-Barak, G. Galil, E. David, A. Zertal, A. Malamat, N. Na’aman, D. Eitam, U. Rapaport and H. Tadmor.

Format: 26.5x20.5cm, hard cloth cover
Pages: 446 (301 in English, French and German; 145 in Hebrew)
Illustrations: 37 photos, 28 drawings
Year: 1999
Language(s): English
ISBN: 9652229393

Table of Contents

  • Yitzhak Avishur: Professor Michael Heltzer: The Man and his Research
  • Bibliography of Professor Michael Heltzer
  • Shmuel Ahituv: An Edomite Ostracon
  • Maria J. Amadasi-Guzzo: Hypotheses sur quatre “tesseres” pheniciennes inscirtes
  • Alfonso Archi: Clothes in Ebla
  • Pinhas Artzi: Ebla and Us
  • Francois Bron: L’inscription qatabanite de la porte nord de Timna
  • Hans-Gunter Buchholz: Lasttiere und Einige Landfahrzeuge
  • Mohammed Dandamayev: Temple Archers in the Neo-Babylonian Sippar
  • Gregorio Del Olmo Lete: The Semitic Personal Pronouns: A Preliminary Etymological Approach
  • Robert Deutsch: A Royal Ammonite Seal Impression
  • Oswald Loretz and Manfred Dietrich: Die ugaritische El-Damonologie: Untersuchungen zu den Wortpaaren tkm \\ il siy und aklm \\ ‘qqm
  • Paul E. Dion: The Tel Dan Stele and its Historical Significance
  • Aharon Dolgopolsky: On the Etymology of Hebrew “lechem”
  • Anthony J. Frendo: Genesis 1:1, an Archaeological Approach
  • Yaakov Gruntfest: The Consecutive Imperfect in Semitic Epigraphy
  • Richard Haase: Der unbotmassige Sohn in altorientalischen Rechtscorpora
  • Horst Klengel: Epidemien im spatbronzezeitlichen Syrien-Palastina
  • Andre Lemaire: Coupe astrale inscrite et astronomie arameenne
  • Edward Lipinski: “Lion” and “Lioness” in Northwest Semitic
  • Meir Malul: Some Measures of Population Control in the Ancient Near East
  • Alan Millard: Oral Proclamation and Written Record: Spreading and Preserving Information in Ancient Israel
  • Hans-Peter Muller: Hebraisch “melech” und punisch “ml(’)k(t)”