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$60 Publications / Messages from the Past by Robert Deutsch
Messages from the Past

This is a corpus of 510 Hebrew seal-impressions (bullae) from the First Temple Period (8th-6th century BCE), 109 of which are previously unpublished. The corpus presents for the first time two royal seal-impressions of two Hebrew kings: Ahaz son of Yehotam, and Hezekiah son of Ahaz, kings of Judah.

Format: 26.5x20.5cm, hardcover
Pages: 174
Illustrations: 147 photos (three in color), 104 drawings, 17 plates
Year: 1997
Language(s): English
ISBN: 965-222-795-1


Among the half-dozen or so experts in his field … I confess that I find these bullae fascinating.
Hershel Shanks, review at the Biblical Archaeology Society web site